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About Us


Why WeConnect?

WeConnect™ is driven by hardworking people who challenge the status quo—who are determined to find the smartest path forward. We surround ourselves with capable team members who share a common vision for our future, a clear mission for our daily work, and values that align us. That makes anything possible.

Our Vision

To relentlessly build our people, our company and our success in integrating the next generation of technology solutions.


We connect next-generation technology—smarter than anyone else.


Be All-In. We’re passionate people. We put nothing short of 100% into everything we do because our greatest source is what we can accomplish.

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves. Every day offers new opportunities, big or small, to exceed expectations. When we see opportunities, we take chances to make the most of them. We show we care by doing our part to grow ourselves and make WeConnect™ stronger.
  • Work Together. We have confidence in and value our people. Our success is exponentially greater when we work together. We demonstrate that we see the potential and value in our team when we work together for success. We know the importance of family, and we refer to our team that way.
  • Drive Future Success. We’re here for the long haul. We keep our eyes on the road ahead and lead transformations as we adapt and work smarter in our ever-changing industry.